How to Pursue a Criminology Degree Entirely Online

Criminology Degree Online

The criminology and criminal justice job market is expanding to meet the needs of the field. For those who may be considering a career in criminology, pursuing a degree online is an opportune way to prepare you for the challenges of the profession.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing if an online criminology and criminal justice degree is right for you:

Online Learning Programs

A U.S. Department of Education study shows that online degrees deliver an equal or greater level of student satisfaction compared to their on-campus counterparts. Online degrees offer the flexibility to study at your own pace and around your own schedule, but the academic demands are no different than those in the classroom.

Choosing a program that’s the right fit for your interests and lifestyle is very important. Your degree program should equip you with a range of leadership skills and help you to build knowledge and experience needed to advance your career. Program factors like national rankings, faculty credentials, and content of the curriculum should all be considered.

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology at PSU

Portland State University offers a comprehensive and engaging online bachelor’s degree program in Criminology and Criminal Justice, as well as other certificate options that are designed to help you advance your career goals. The curriculum and coursework are deeply rooted in criminology so students have the opportunity to understand about the causes, consequences and prevention of crime, not just how to enforce laws and policies.

Students can choose to specialize in criminal behavior, criminal justice leadership or advanced crime analysis studies through online certificates at PSU, while exploring cutting-edge topics such as:

• Policing in America
• Police-Community Relations
• Crime Mapping
• Crime and Social Factors
• Evidence-Based Crime Control
• Criminal Justice Research
• Women, Crime, and Justice

The PSU Criminology and Criminal Justice online degree program also includes an internship component which offers the opportunity for students to gain hands-on practical experience in the field. For students already working in the field or unable to complete an on-site internship, the program offers a professional development course that focuses on building career and promotion skills.

Opportunities for Graduates

The online CCJ program has over 600 graduates to date. In a survey of those students, 91 percent would recommend the program to others, 92 percent agreed that the degree expanded their knowledge of the field, and 83 percent of graduates are currently employed in the criminology and criminal justice fields.

Graduates are employed in a variety of professions, such as crime prevention, law enforcement, consulting, crime analysis and other positions within the court and correctional systems. In a recent survey of PSU CCJ Online graduates, 61 percent reported that their salary increased as a result of their degree. In fact, 15 percent of graduates reporting receiving a salary increase of over 10 percent.

Pursue Your Goals

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in criminology and criminal justice careers, particularly community and social service specialists are expected to grow by as much as 53 percent through 2020 – much higher than the national average across all other professions.

The most rewarding part of an online criminology bachelor’s degree is the potential to pursue specific educational goals in a rapidly growing field, in a more accessible and flexible way. Learn why Portland State University’s online bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice is tailored for students seeking the latest skills and a path to their career aspirations.