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The Difference between Criminology and Criminal Justice

View Transcript Running Time: 45 seconds People often use the terms “criminology” and “criminal justice” interchangeably. In reality, they are different fields that work together [...]

Inside the Federal Case Appeals Process

View Transcript Running Time: 60 seconds In a federal criminal case, the defendant has the right to appeal a guilty verdict. Here’s how the process [...]

Mike Benson – White Collar Offenders

Hear from Dr. Danielle McGurrin as she interviews Dr. Michael Benson who explains his experiences and research on white collar crime. View Transcript Danielle McGurrin: [...]

Courtney Percival – CCJ Careers: Crime Analyst

Listen as Courtney Percival, CCJO Graduate, discusses her responsibilities and answers questions about her position as a crime analyst. View Transcript Tom: Good evening, everyone! [...]

Jessica Brainard – CCJ Careers: Portland Police Officer

Listen as CCJO graduate, Jessica Brainard, describes her responsibilities and training as a Portland Police Officer. View Transcript Tom Hodge: Good morning and welcome to [...]

David Kennedy – Stopping It

David Kennedy, the Director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control, discusses the crisis of guns, gangs and mass incarceration. View Transcript So this [...]

John Eck – Reducing Crime and Disorder

Dr. John Eck discusses the theory, practice and future directions for effective policing within our communities. View Transcript John Eck: And thank you all for [...]

CCJ 435 Crime, Grime and Fear

Examine the factors that combine to intensify neighborhood crime and community decline, with a focus on crime patterns, disorder, fear of crime, police-citizen relations, and [...]

CCJ 404 Internship

PSU student discusses the importance of a criminal justice internship.

CCJ 330 Crime Control Strategies

Explore ideas on what can be done to address, prevent, and control crime, as well as apply real-world policies and issues to answer some of [...]

Kris Henning – Research Spotlight

Listen to Dr. Henning as he discusses his collaboration with local criminal justice agencies, as well as his strong focus on evidence-based practice. View Transcript [...]

Laura Hickman – Research Spotlight

Hear from Dr. Hickman as she examines her work with immigration and crime. View Transcript 0:07 So the way that I found myself engaged in [...]

Mark Leymon – Research Spotlight

Understand Dr. Leymon’s research and how he uses his sociology background in the field of criminology and criminal justice. View Transcript My name Mark Leymon. [...]

Deb Lindberg – Criminal Justice

Hear from Dr. Lindberg as she talks about her view of criminology and criminal justice. View Transcript 00:13 One of the most valuable things about [...]

Robert Lockwood – Student Centered Program

Listen as Dr. Lockwood discusses how the CCJO program uses students as “co-teachers” in the program. View Transcript 00:12 My name is Bob Lockwood and [...]

Danielle McGurrin – Theory and Practice

Hear from Dr. McGurrin as she discusses the elements that she likes to study in the field of criminology and criminal justice. View Transcript 00:15 [...]

Brian Renauer – Research Spotlight

Listen to Dr. Renauer as he discusses his focus on public perceptions of police legitimacy and trust in police. View Transcript 0:08 The goal of [...]

CCJ 420 Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning

This class focuses on giving students the necessary skills to solve problems through reading and researching cases and law reviews. Criminal Law & Legal Reasoning [...]

CCJ 340 Crime Analysis

An introduction to the basic methods used in analyzing data from criminal justice agencies, including temporal and spatial analysis of crime patterns, calculation of crime [...]

CCJ 380 Research Methods

Watch this video, produced and written by Dr. Mark Leymon, on the importance of Research Methods in the…