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The main goal for this website is to give you all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about enrolling in Portland State University’s Criminology and Criminal Justice online program. This section of our website can be used as a resource for gaining a better understanding the world of criminal justice, learning about the latest happenings in the field, and getting relevant criminal justice information.

You can also use this section to view or read information about career paths as well as criminology and criminal justice as it relates to our online program, our faculty, and our courses.


Your decision to enroll in Portland State University’s online Criminology and Criminal Justice program is very important

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Criminal Justice Careers

Explore the variety of career paths available for criminology and criminal justice professionals.

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Community College Partners

This section highlights the Community Colleges that Portland State University’s Online Criminology and Criminal Justice program partners with to assist students who have earned an [...]

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Read through the transcripts on our criminal justice and criminology videos.

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Watch our videos that focus on course descriptions and faculty research.

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View our Infographics that illustrate criminal justice data.

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News Articles

Read the latest new articles on criminology and criminal justice hot topics.

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Student Services

Here at PSU, the focus is on supporting our students.

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