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CCJ 435 Crime, Grime and Fear

Examine the factors that combine to intensify neighborhood crime and community decline, with a focus on crime patterns, disorder, fear of crime, police-citizen relations, and [...]

CCJ 404 Internship

PSU student discusses the importance of a criminal justice internship. Finding the Right Internship Experience from CCJ ONLINE on Vimeo.

CCJ 330 Crime Control Strategies

Explore ideas on what can be done to address, prevent, and control crime, as well as apply real-world policies and issues to answer some of [...]

Kris Henning – Research Spotlight

Listen to Dr. Henning as he discusses his collaboration with local criminal justice agencies, as well as his strong focus on evidence-based practice. Kris Henning [...]

Laura Hickman – Research Spotlight

Hear from Dr. Hickman as she examines her work with immigration and crime. Laura Hickman – Research Spotlight from CCJ ONLINE on Vimeo.

Mark Leymon – Research Spotlight

Understand Dr. Leymon’s research and how he uses his sociology background in the field of criminology and criminal justice. Mark Leymon – Assistant Professor from [...]

Deb Lindberg – Criminal Justice

Hear from Dr. Lindberg as she talks about her view of criminology and criminal justice. Debra Lindberg from PSU CCJO Program on Vimeo.

Robert Lockwood – Student Centered Program

Listen as Dr. Lockwood discusses how the CCJO program uses students as “co-teachers” in the program. Bob Lockwood from PSU CCJO Program on Vimeo.

Danielle McGurrin – Theory and Practice

Hear from Dr. McGurrin as she discusses the elements that she likes to study in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

Brian Renauer – Research Spotlight

Listen to Dr. Renauer as he discusses his focus on public perceptions of police legitimacy and trust in police. Brian Renauer – Research Spotlight from [...]

CCJ 420 Criminal Law and Legal Reasoning

This class focuses on giving students the necessary skills to solve problems through reading and researching cases and law reviews. Criminal Law & Legal Reasoning [...]

CCJ 340 Crime Analysis

An introduction to the basic methods used in analyzing data from criminal justice agencies, including temporal and spatial analysis of crime patterns, calculation of crime [...]

CCJ 380 Research Methods

Watch this video, produced and written by Dr. Mark Leymon, on the importance of Research Methods in the…

CCJ 410 Science and Practice of Profiling

Assistant Professor Mark Leymon discusses his class, Science and Practice of Profiling, offered in the CCJO…