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The criminal justice field needs credible leaders. Our online criminology and criminal justice degree can help you become one. Our rigorous curriculum and award-winning faculty give you the opportunity to examine criminal behavior in-depth, explore advanced crime analysis, and build leadership skills.

We strategically blend practice and theory to help students think beyond the status quo. Choose PSU and develop your skills to create effective policies, make informed decisions, and change existing practices. Want to know the top reasons why students pursued our CCJO degree?
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Our program is designed for self-motivated individuals. Our students are proactive learners who investigate, think independently, and develop creative solutions that can be put into practice. To become an innovator, you have to learn to see past isolated crime and victimization incidents to the larger underlying patterns.

Choose our criminology and criminal justice degree program and learn how it’s done. View social trends and legislation in a new light. Graduate from PSU CCJO and you can make an impact in the world. We can help.

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Ross Ellis was looking for a criminal justice degree with a comprehensive curriculum and flexible platform. Portland State University fit the requirements.

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As a PSU CCJO student, you are positioning yourself to rise to a prominent leadership position because you have thought about the role a quality education plays in your professional growth. Career opportunities can span from politics to business, investigations, elite law enforcement agencies, nonprofit leadership, and beyond. Learn how to apply your knowledge and skill set to become a leading contributor in whichever area you choose.

Local, State, and Federal Government

Create policy or work as a top analyst for the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, or Department of Homeland Security.

Public Service

See crime behind the scenes as a criminologist, elected official, or attorney.

Legal System

Prepare for law school and pursue the role of lawyer, judge, or magistrate.

Public Safety

Work with government entities as a policy, research, or crime analyst.

Nonprofit and Private Organizations

Take on the role of leader, consultant, social researcher, policy analyst, or educator.

Social Services

Aid your community as a victim advocate or social worker.


CCJO graduate Kristy English needed a degree with flexibility and support. With PSU, Kristy was able to earn a degree that allowed her to help her community without putting her personal life on hold.

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Our award-winning CCJ professors are leaders engaged in research and policy analysis with strong educational credentials. Together, we have designed a curriculum to build the skills of future professionals in a supportive and interactive learning environment. We are student centered and future focused. Learn more about our distinguished faculty.


Program director and professor Dr. Laura Hickman discusses how our program helps students engage in their community to solve the problems that matter to them.

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