PSU Teams With Portland Police Bureau to Create Crime Data Site

Police line caution tape sections off a crime scene

Public perception of crime has been a topic that most criminal justice professionals deal with on a daily basis. One of Portland State University’s faculty members, Dr. Kris Henning, and current/former graduate students from the Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) program have recently partnered with the Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) Strategic Services Division to launch a web resource that helps to inform the Portland community of real crime data. The new website shows users trends with long term crime, the geographic distribution of crime within the city, and temporal patterns in criminal offending.

PSU CCJ faculty and the related Criminal Justice Policy & Research Institute (CJPRI) have had a long standing commitment to working with criminal justice agencies like PPB.

Want to learn more about crime stats in Portland? Check out the new website can be found at:

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